Saturday, June 09, 2007

Histories and Soul Control

I received the Go It Alone and Soul Control pre-orders a couple of weeks ago. Unlike some people that I know, I wasn't lucky enough to get the red pressing of the Go It Alone record. I got it on black, which is limited to 210, and on white, limited to 720. This band has really grown on me lately. I've bought all their records since the Vancouver Gold 7 inch, but nothing has really grabbed my attention, but a few months ago I really sat down with The Only Blood Between Us and I'm starting to appreciate this band more.

I don't know much about Soul Control other than they are from Rhode Island and someone from Verse is in the band. Their style is very similar to Lion of Judah, or for the old school reference, Burn. The first song really pulls you in with it's intensity and I can see kids going nuts, and singing along to this song live. This 7 inch is limited to 210 on green with yellow swirl and 720 on green.

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Tyler said...

Haha, that pressing of Histories has a special place in my collection now. Good to hear your gaining more of an appreciation for GIA, they deserve it.

I kinda like how they went with black for the pre-order colour, it suits the cover art along with the whole vibe of the record.

And i have both of those Soul Control records as well. I like their lyrics, they seem more thought provokative than most. I get the Burn comparison, i could never really get into Burn but i think i'll end up liking Soul Control quite a bit.