Saturday, March 24, 2007

So Here's To Fucked Up Youth

Ceremony play a style of hardcore that is harsh as fuck, brutally ripping through songs that barely clock in at a minute long. Heavily influenced by Infest, with lyrics that are spit with rage, this record is an intense 13 minutes. I had Ceremony's first 7 inch, and thought it was okay, but I never really had the chance to listen to it much. I picked up their newest record on a whim through Revelation, and I am blown away. As a bonus, the packaging of this record is sweet. Gatefold sleeve, with a red, white and grey splattered clear vinyl. I can't stop listening to this. Amazing shit for when you hate the world.
Living Hell
So here's to fucked up youth
Here's to burning lies
Here's to each fucking day that just passed me by

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Tyler said...

I was listening to this today on the way to school. "So pack your fist full of hate, take a swing at the world"

I try not to listen to this album in public places, i usually get visibly more angry as the album progresses.