Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Seventh Son With Promo Stamp

Here is the Iron Maiden 'Seventh Son of a Seventh Son' LP. I picked it up for $8.00 on eBay. The cool thing about this particular record is that it has a gold promo stamp in the upper corner. The downside is that the vinyl is a mess. It has so much static and dust on it that it is pretty much unplayable. It will probably be fine if it gets a good cleaning, and at some point I'll need to invest in some solution to get it done right.
I love this album. I saw Iron Maiden on this tour, and it was really their last great record for me. Granted I like the Maiden albums that came out after this, but they haven't topped Seventh Son since it came out. This album was released in 1988 and shortly after, I started listening to more thrash and death metal before finding punk and hardcore. This led me to shelving the band for a good 15 years, before falling in love with them all over again and starting to collect their vinyl releases.

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