Sunday, July 23, 2006

Blue Monday at Rivalry Showcase 2006

I received another copy of Blue Monday's Rewritten album last week. This one has the cover made for the Rivalry Showcase 2006. I can only assume that the Showcase was an amazing show with Champion, Betrayed, Verse, The First Step, plus many others on the bill. The record itself is the picture disk that the band had pressed for their 2005 European tour. I'm not sure how well they sold, since Bridge Nine still has them available in their webstore. It's funny, because when I mentioned to Rob that they used the picture disk for the Rivalry Showcase, he laughed and said, "Well they had to get people to buy those records somehow.". The record with the Rivalry Showcase cover is limited to only 50, and mine is hand numbered 42. Since it is so limited, I'm happy to have picked it up on eBay for $20.50. The guy that I won it from has sold me a number of In My Eyes records in the past, so I was comfortable that it would arrive, even though it took him a month to send it out. With this copy, I now have five flavors of Rewritten, with only the Sink With Cali cover missing from my collection.


XGetBrokenX said...

man, thats amazing. im wishing i could go and see Blue Monday's last show. im going to be in Vancouver that week but im leaving too early. And yeah seeing Fired Up did get me pumped on them. i'll have to check out that 7 inch. The First Step are inspiring dude.

mcs said...

Great picture disc, man. Um, yeah.

Interesting that you have 5 copies of this but the only one you don't have is the one I just picked up. Ha!