Friday, October 27, 2017

Blackfinger Of Doom

I love the old Trouble records, and I was even a fan of that record from The Skull from a few years back...but for some reason, when I was told that vocalist Eric Wagner was also singing for a new band, Blackfinger, I kind of shrugged my shoulders and ignored the recommendation. I'm not sure why I was so indifferent to it...maybe because The Skull had already released an album that same year, and I didn't want to overplay Wagner's voice...or maybe I just thought the Blackfinger name was stupid. Either way, I steered clear of their self titled debut in 2014.

When I saw that Blackfinger were releasing a new album in 2017, I figured that maybe now was the time to check them out.

Given Wagner's distinct voice, hearing it here immediately brings Trouble and The Skull to mind...and while Blackfinger are still firmly entrenched in the Doom/Stoner sounds, there is something a bit more sparse and melancholic here. With the first couple of listens, I was disappointed that Wagner didn't give us another record from The Skull instead, but with each listen I appreciate this more and more...and as we work our way into Autumn, I'm finding that this album fits the season perfectly. I'm obviously going to have to go back and get my hands on the Blackfinger debut as well.

400 pressed on blue and black marbled vinyl.

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