Saturday, October 21, 2017

Vinyl Seeker

As soon as I finished up my 1987 obsession a couple months ago, I immediately moved straight into '88. It was fun getting stuck in '87, and wanting to follow the evolution of music through the years, 1988 was the next stop. Working my way alphabetically through the playlist, my first stop was AC/DC's Blow Up Your Video.

Blow Up Your Video was the last AC/DC album that I bought as a kid, and by the time the follow up, The Razors Edge, was released in 1990, AC/DC no longer cut it for me. By then, they were no longer loud enough...they weren't as heavy and fast as thrash...and they weren't as real as the punk and hardcore bands I was starting to get into...but in 1988, Blow Up Your Video was my last attempt to hold on to the band that had at one point been a favorite when I started getting into heavier music.

I enjoyed Blow Up Your Video at the time...even though it was a quite a bit weaker than previous albums. Hell, I vividly recall going nuts and stage diving like crazy onto my couch to album closer, This Means War. That song ruled. I even managed to catch AC/DC live for the third time on this tour...but I soon started to get tired of them, and put them on the shelf for about 10 years.

Over the past few years, I've been loving AC/DC again, and have even toyed with the idea of chasing the Australian first pressings for their early albums. You know shit is getting serious when I start thinking about going down that path. So why am I here, dicking around with some late-era album that didn't leave much of an impression on me when I initially bought the CD the first time around? What can I say? When nostalgia hits, you just go with it...and dusting off these songs, with an '88 mindset, I found they were a ton of fun to listen to again. With a price tag under $10, it was too easy to grab a copy.

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Doug W said...

Good for you making it one more album than I did. For all the same reasons! I bought Who Made Who and was done 15 minutes later. I still listen to Bon Scott era AC/DC all the time though.