Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Number One For New Jersey Straight Edge

A month ago, Marcus and I were exchanging some blogger related messages, and he mentioned that he was currently looking at a list of records that someone was selling. On the list was the Reveal 7 inch with the numbered cover, and he said that if it was available, he was buying it for me. I laughed it off, thinking that he was making a joke of my Reveal obsession, but I would have certainly welcomed another copy to my collection.

A couple weeks later, and I get another message from Marcus, telling me that he had bought me a record as a way of saying thank you for helping him out recently. When I got home that night, the record was there in my mailbox, and it ended up being much cooler than I expected.

I wondered which cover Marcus managed to pick up for the Reveal record. Was it the yellow, blue or orange one? I pulled it out of the packaging, and...whoa...it's brown? Holy fuck. I didn't know there was a brown cover!

Not only did it have a brown cover, but it was number 1 of 100. Outside of the test press that Casali owns, this is the coolest Reveal record that I've seen. Thanks, Marcus!

I pity the fool that doesn't have a Reveal record with the Mr. T stamp!

This one makes the sixth numbered cover I own. When I bought my first copy of this cover from Brian Murphy back at Posi Numbers in 2005, I never guessed that it would blossom into an obsession like this.

Hell, I might as well pull them all out for a photo. Yeah, I challenge anyone to come up with a better collection than this. Ha!


mcs said...

Love the Mr T stamp!

I still maintain that you need to aim to own 10 - one of each set of ten. Which means you have a lot of work still to do...

Mike said...

I'm thinking either one from each set of ten, or the end and beginning number from where the cover changes color...or maybe I'll just keep picking them up for pennies whenever they come up, as no one else seems to want them.

Willem Termote said...

Hey guys! Did you know the maker of these records was living above a copy center? You could probably know looking at the variety of papers used for these covers... Seems like he took every paper available in there, haha!
Thanks for this post Mike! I knew these existed but had never seen physical proof of the white cover. Also didn't knew these were stamped here and there...