Thursday, June 21, 2012

Second Press Of Turnstile

There is no denying how much I love the debut Turnstile 7 inch. For about two weeks straight, it was the first thing that I would listen to in the morning as I got ready for work. I finally had to choose a different playlist because the wife and kids got tired of me turning our kitchen into a dancefloor and knocking them to the ground when Death Grip would kick in.

Second press on black vinyl. Limited to 300.


J@oldschoolslobberknocker said...

This seriously rips. Love it. Have the 1st press on blue. On a side note I was 'floor punching' with the kid earlier in my living room, builds character I reckon.

Across Your Face said...

hahaha... I imagine you guys throwing toddlers around the house and jumping off the kitchen counter, screaming "TEAR THIS SHIT UP!"

mcs said...

Obviously I've never heard this, but if it makes you mosh around the kitchen then it sounds like something I need to hear.