Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Down and Pressed to Purchase Locally

I've come to really like Downpresser. They have a bit of a tough-guy New York sound that I usually stay away from, but I seem to be getting into this style more and more lately. When I'm out for a run, and this shit is blasting from my headphones, I can go for miles and conquer any hill. Bring it.

The band released their first record around 2008 on Streetcleaner Records. The label seems to be long gone, and to find their Perverted Justice release, you are left to scour ebay...so that's what I did.

I downloaded a copy of Perverted Justice about a year ago. Last month I was sitting around at home listening to it on my computer. I was really digging it, and figured that it was time that I track down the vinyl. A quick search on ebay turned up a copy. I checked the listing, and to my surprise the seller was from my hometown. The user name tipped me off that it might be someone that I knew, so I sent him a quick message to ask if it was him selling it. Turns out it was, and he offered to sell it direct to me for a reasonable price. Funny how things work out like that sometimes.

One sided 12 inch on clear vinyl.

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