Friday, July 21, 2006

3 Colors of Motorhead

Here is the Motorhead 'England' box set released on Earmark records. I have had my eye on this box set at various times over the past year. Saw it at Bull Moose Music a year ago and I wanted it, but I continually passed on it to buy something else. After a few months, I finally entered the store committed to buying it only to find that it had been sold. When I went to Bull Moose last week to pick up the new Betrayed and Outbreak CD's, I glanced through the vinyl section and there it was. Since I had kind of started collecting Motorhead vinyl, I didn't hesitate to buy it. Three classic Motorhead records, each one a different color. Overkill is on green, Bomber is on blue, and Ace of Spades is on red. It is strange because the back of the box states that Ace of Spades is on gold vinyl. I'm not sure if that is an error or if the record was really pressed on gold for an earlier pressing.

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