Sunday, July 09, 2017

Number Of The Beast

Last year, Beastmaker released their Doom debut, Lusus Naturae. For me, they seemed to come out nowhere, and that album was a great surprise. When Rise Above announced pre-orders for the band's follow up album, Inside The Skull, I was shocked. Two albums over two years? I didn't know that bands could still put albums out at this frequency.

One of the things that first attracted me to Beastmaker was the cover art for their first album. With Inside The Skull, the album artwork is still really cool looking, and the entire packaging really captures the feel and sound of the band.

Beastmaker know their Doom influences, and wear them proudly on their sleeve. Videos for Evil One and Nature Of The Damned show the band enveloped in the horror doom imagery, and pounding out the songs.

Die Hard pressing limited to 100 copies on black vinyl, and includes a giant poster featuring Fangoria artist, Kelly Forbes.

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