Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Machine Response 7 inch

At the beginning of June, I would have had to write a blog post almost every day in order to catch up with the backlog of new records that are piling up on the floor in my music room. It is cluttered and unorganized, and with stacks of records crying out to be filed appropriately, it is giving me anxiety attacks every time I add a new one to the pile.

My plan was go fucking nuts this past month, and blog like a maniac to get caught up. Yeah, that didn't happen. Warmer weather rolled around, and I found myself out of the house interacting with other human beings. It has been terrible. Can't a man just stay inside watching movies and listening to records? Why does this world demand so much of me?

So as we approach the end of the month, and I'm making a desperate attempt to get my post count to double digits for June, now seems like a good time to blog about a record that saw was behind schedule more than I was.

I first ordered the new Career Suicide 7 inch back in November last year. A full six months later, the record finally arrived in my mailbox. I'm not sure what the delay was, and I wasn't really sweating it, but judging from the note on the inside cover, it sounds like it was a painful ordeal for the band.

It seems kind of strange for Career Suicide to release a new 7 inch and an album this year, giving the Machine Response name to both of them. You couldn't find a different title for each record? Oh well. No matter, because eight years after their last EP release, Career Suicide still rip with that early 80's Hardcore Punk sound. Worth the wait.

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