Friday, March 23, 2012

Iron Chic

When I was picking up a 7 inch from The Ladies in the Dirtcult webstore, I was searching for something else to add to my cart. Buying just one record is kind of lame, and feels like a waste, so I wanted to add something else to my cart. There really wasn't a lot that I had much interest in, and then I saw the Not Like This LP from Iron Chic.

I remember that Sandwell had made numerous posts about this record on his blog, but I'd never really been interested in checking them out. Since I was desperate to buy a second record from Dirtcult, I thought that Iron Chic might be a decent option. I did a quick search of the internet, and found a download to check them out before I clicked the Add To Cart button.

I really didn't expect to like this at all. For the most part, it just seemed silly...and I struggle with "silly" in Hardcore/Punk. First off, I hated the band's name. Iron Chic = Iron know, like the pro wrestler from the early 80's...the one that Hulk Hogan defeated for his first WWF championship. Silly. Then there were the song titles like Cutesy Monster Man and Know What I Mean, Jellybean. Seriously? It made me want to punch this record in the face. In spite of all this, I still gave them a shot based on Sandwell's recommendation.

I queued up the songs for a spin. Fuck me. My head was bobbing. My foot was tapping. When the record was over, I felt tricked. I couldn't have possibly liked that as much as I thought it did. I better listen to it again to make sure that I really did enjoy Iron Chic's infectious style of "pop punk". I expected that the second listen would reveal that I didn't really enjoy it as much as I thought that I did. Goddamn it! Two listens in and I like it even more. How did this happen? You win Iron Chic. This album is crazy good. I'm hooked, and I finally add the record to my cart.

200 pressed on orange vinyl as part of the third pressing.


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That's funny cause when they first got together Phil told me there name and I was like that's a horrible name for a band. Now I like it! And the music speaks for itself