Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Headed For The Adult Crash

Adult Crash is a book of photographs from Dave Brown, who runs Vicious Circle Records. Even though some of the pictures are a little redundant (there are 4 or 5 of Four Walls Falling from the same show), there are a lot of cool bands are captured in this book. The writing is sparse, but includes different pieces written by various people from the scene (from Sweet Pete to John Joseph) about their thoughts on growing older in the hardcore scene. The selling point for me on this was the 7 inch that was included. Pressed on white, blue and black vinyl, I got the more limited of the three (154 pressed on white). The record features cover songs from Down To Nothing (Four Walls Falling), Cloak/Dagger (Warzone), Kill Your Idols (Token Entry), and Slumlords (Gut Instinct). Nicely done.
While shopping at Six Feet Under Records, I also decided to pick up the Different Needs E.P. from Regulations. I was thinking this was new, but to my surprise it was released on Havoc Records back in 2007. Goddamn, time flies. Regulations play some awesome, snotty punk rock, and this 7 inch delivers. Great stuff.


xroldx said...

I need to pick up that book. SOON!!!

mcs said...

Great minds think alike. Or rather, great minds buy the same crap. (See my blog for details)