Sunday, February 15, 2009

Crime and Punishment

Back when Youngblood Records released the Police & Thieves 7", I was feeling way too broke to place my order. Months later when the label finally released the CD, and packaged it with the bands first two 7 inches, I decided it was finally time to place my order. Since I waited too long on the vinyl, I was left with the regular black vinyl pressing for the Amor Y Guerra record. I'm disappointed that I missed the more limited pressings for this record, because I'm really liking this band. This is the same singer as Worn Thin, so you can't help but compare the two, but Police and Thieves also has a strong Verbal Assault and Dag Nasty influence as well. Great stuff.

The first 7 inch, on Higher Conscience Records is pressed on yellow vinyl, but I have no idea how many were pressed for this record. This record was originally released back in 2006, and it just proves how out of touch I can be, because I had never heard of this band prior to the Youngblood release, two years later.


mcs said...

I have the first 7" on yellow vinyl, but mine has a completely different cover to yours. Yours looks way cooler.

Carlos said...

I dig your website, it has helped me get through many long work days and turned me on to some new bands. Are you on any record trade sites or does anyone recommend good trade sites?
The first Police & Thieves 7" has 2 versions, the one you have is the more limited version that we named "The People's Soldier" cover that is limited to 300 copies. We still have a few copies at