Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gearin' Up For Gettin' Down

SSS are so cool...I feel bad for you if you haven't heard them. Hands down the best "thrash revival" band around today. The band is so good that even hardcore kids should be losing their shit over this band. I recently won this pressing of their first album on eBay. Red vinyl with the SSS logo spray painted in red as well. On the back, written in gold lettering, is a message from the singer, Foxy....okay it isn't so much a message, as it is a listing of show titles from the season 6 DVD of The Waltons...apparently the dude is a huge fan, as the list ends with the note, "Waltons rips it up!". As it turns out, the eBay seller for this record was Foxy himself, which was very cool. We exchanged a few emails, and the guy has a list of other SSS pressings that he is willing to part with, so you can expect to see more SSS records here in the near future.
Since Foxy also runs Thrashgig, which pressed the Blackspot pressing of the Walk The Plank album, I mentioned to him that I'm still waiting to receive the copy that I ordered from Ian Leck. I paid Lecky many months ago, and I'm still waiting for it to arrive! Foxy said that he also had a copy that he would sell to me. If Ian ever responds to my emails, I may need to get my money back and just buy it from Foxy.

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