Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Two Years Too Late

Lights Out released their Overload album in 2005, yet it took me until the middle of 2007 to finally appreciate how great this record is. I don't know what took me so long. Maybe with all the music I had coming in, I never really took the time to give it the attention that it deserved. Just listening to it here and there, until one day it just clicked and I was blown away. I saw this band twice. Once in Maine with Stand & Fight, Blue Monday and Desperate Measures, and then again at the Planet Metal record release show. Both times I didn't know one song that they played. Man, I missed out.

Tyler dropped me a line that Youngblood apparently found 10 copies of the Overload album in the YBHQ basement, and had them up in the store. I immediately checked online and ordered myself a copy. Black vinyl, 525 pressed. While I was shopping I also picked up the third pressing of the Far From Breaking 7 inch, which is limited to 350 copies on gold colored vinyl. For the 10 year anniversary, Youngblood made 200 hockey pucks. As this record label continues to impress me, I picked one of those up as well.


Tyler said...

That Lights Out record is just incredible, it gets better with every listen. My brother and i learned "Trapped" today and played it a few times since i'm home for reading week. Man, that song is relentless.

Those pucks rule too, next time i order something from them i need to pick one up. Great label and an awesome logo, and hockey rules.

mcs said...

Haha... rad! I got one of those pucks too :o)