Friday, February 15, 2008

Die By The Sword

Okay, so I may have a problem. I was going to be headed to Jeff's over the weekend, and I wanted to show up with the 12 inch split of The Sword and Witchcraft. I had seen it at Newbury Comics a month ago, and since then they have been selling for around $25 on eBay. All online stores were listing it as sold out, and sure enough, it was gone at Newbury's as well. I took a trip over to Bull Moose Music and found that they had a copy of Age of Winters by The Sword. I already owned this on CD, but I picked it up anyway. First reason was that I really had my heart set on buying some vinyl, and my addiction was not going to let me walk out of the store without buying something. Second, slight paranoia crept in that I was going to regret not buying this for $11 when I saw it....just like I got burned with the split 12 inch. Yeah, I may need a serious detox program.

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