Saturday, July 21, 2007

Got The Most

I got my order from Revelation Records the other day. I saw that the new Down To Nothing was up for pre-order at REVHQ, and even though money is a little tight, I needed to try and get this on one of the more limited vinyl pressings. The one that I got was blue with some green to 269. Finally, a record that knocks me over in 2007! I am really liking this new album. Great hardcore, but I do hear some metal riffs here and there...but it isn't overdone and doesn't take away that this is a tight hardcore band just ripping through a style that they have perfected.
While I was buying the new Down To Nothing, I also grabbed the new Only Crime and Outbreak split 7 inch. Only Crime is a sort of punk rock super group, consisting of the singer of Good Riddance, the guitar player from Bane, and the drummer of the Descendents. The comparisons to Good Riddance are obvious. I remember buying this bands first CD when I was in North Carolina on business. The rental car that I had came with a CD player and I didn't have any CD's to play. I stopped at the local Best Buy and bought the Only Crime CD as well as Green Day's American Idiot, which had just come out. Anyway, the songs from both of the bands are pretty good. The Outbreak songs don't grab me as much as the songs on their Failure album, but it's still good just the same.


Tyler said...

"The Most" is definitely a good record, one of my favorites so far this year.

I really like Only Crime, They're playing here on August 9th, so hopefully i'll be able to make it out. I missed Outbreak play yesterday because of work, ohh well, i heard kids were bumming on them anyway. No surpirse there.

Mike said...

Outbreak always blow me away live...everytime I see them they put everything they have into their set.

Tyler said...

I'm so bummed i missed them.

Did you hear about Go It Alone? They're breaking up after this tour, so if they're near you, try to see them.