Friday, April 13, 2007

Heartfelt Punks

I finally got my package in the mail from Rold! I had sent the money to him back at the beginning of February, and by the time April rolled around, I thought for sure it had been sucked into the postal black hole as it crossed the Atlantic. I had resigned myself to the fact that I was never going to receive what he had sent. I was so happy to find the package in my mailbox this week. He sent me two Heartfelt CD's, Take It Or Leave It (which is new on Shield Recordings), Explosive (which I think is their first one), plus a few pins and an assortment of stickers. I really like this band. Musically they kind of remind me of Betrayed, and Rold has a vocal style that really reminds me of Eric Ozenne from Redemption 87 (pre-Nerve Agents). Great stuff. Thanks Rold, now you need to get Take It Or Leave It pressed on vinyl!


Tyler said...

I still need to sit down and really let 'Take It Or Leave It' sink in. Musically it sort of reminds me of some mid 90's skate punk, only more agressive and not as poppy. I think i'll really be able to appreciate this record as i listen to it more and more.

I put those pins on my backpack, so Rold, heartfelt is now being represented in North America. I'll start wearing that shirt when this absurd weather gets back to being seasonal.

xroldx said...

haha thank you guys. I was typing an email to you asking if I should send the package again.

Betrayed, 90's skate punk. It's all a compliment to me. We played a show two days ago where we covered Redemption 87, Descendents, Dead Kennedys and Kraut. I guess these four bands somewhat show how varied our influences are.

Mike said...

Curious...what DK song did you do?

xroldx said...

DK: Nazi Punks Fuck Off
Redemption 87: A Solution
Descendents: Loser
Kraut: All Twisted

Anonymous said...

All Twisted vanwege Kraut of CIV?