Sunday, January 14, 2007

Fresh New Look

It took me a while before I bothered switching over to the new version of Blogger. One of the new features is a drag-and-drop edit function for templates. It looked easy, so I decided it was time to change the format. I still need to mess around with the chart that shows up here, but I'm liking the new look and feel of the blog.

While I'm here and making a general post, I want to take the time to thank the regular visitors to the Record Nerd friend Rob, and the two cool guys that I've met through Blogger, Tyler and Rold. Thanks, dudes.


Tyler said...

I like the new look, i'm thinking of changing the dark dreary look of mine, but we'll see.

I like visiting your blog and seeing what new records you picked up. When i get my camera fixed i'll post some of the recent records i picked up, i'm pretty happy with the No Turning Back - Holding On LP i pre ordered from Reflections. The artwork and vinyl look awesome.

xroldx said...

Thanks Mike, it's always good reading you blog and talking about music. Let's continue in 2007.

xroldx said...

On No Turning Back. I've seen those guys rise from back in 1996. They used to play lots of show with Reaching Forward, in fact Emile of RXF is now in No Turning Back.
I didn't really like their early sound which was beatdowncore or something but the newer records are great. Probably the best European hardcore band around.

rob calder said...

I like to swing by. I like motly hearing my name mentioned in your posts. It makes me feel "dirty".

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.