Thursday, December 07, 2006

Too Much Time On My Hands

I had the day off from work today...just me...the wife was at work and the kids were at school. Perfect time to pull the records out of the closet, and take an updated picture of my Champion collection. Since I had picked up the last Promises Kept pressing that I needed, I felt it was a good time. The Champion collection still has quite a few holes, most notably is the pressing of Count Our Numbers with the Youth of Today cover. It was fun pulling all of these out today, and examining each pressing. I forgot that I had two pressings of Count Our Numbers on blue. Bridge Nine put up a blue pressing for sale, and then a month later they put up a "purple" pressing. I bought both of them, and they look identical. I've seen Aram selling both the blue and purple on ebay, and he has stated that the blue vinyl was a pressing plant error and is the more limited of the two...damned if I can tell them apart.


Anonymous said...

That's a rad collection.
I love the promises kept record but the stuff before that isn't really my thing.

Do you also have some european edge records?

Mike said...

I bought the Come Out Swinging CD when it first came out. Meh, it didn't do much for me. Bought Count Our Numbers, and still wasn't feeling it. On a whim I bought Promises Kept when that was released and was blown away. I still can't get over how good that album is. The first two grew on me over time, but still can't compare to the LP.

I do have some european edge records. I loved Crucial Response Records back in the early 90's. My favorite would have to be the Manliftingbanner 10" Still Straight!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great collection Mike. Speaking of Crucial Response. They released an E.P. by a band called Get The Most recently that i need to get.

Due to high shipping cost and the relative worhtlessness of the Canadian Dollar i've been putting it off.

I've got the demo, if you like youthcrew its awesome.