Saturday, December 16, 2006

Records at Radio Shack

I took another day off from work this week. My friend, Jeff, had told me that the Radio Shack in town had a section for used vinyl in their store, so I figured that I would take a drive up the street to check it out. Truth be told, most of it was junk, but I did find a couple of records for the collection.
  • Wasted Youth - Reagan's In : I was very excited to find this for only $3.00. I had seen this sell for around $40 on ebay, and thought that I was finding one of those legendary deals. I took it home and checked again on ebay and found out that my copy on Medusa Records was a repressing. The original on Sanoblast Records is the one that is actually worth some money. Still this record is a lot of fun. Great early 80's style of hardcore punk out of Los Angeles.
  • Blue Oyster Cult - Self Titled : I downloaded this CD a while ago, and I really liked the 70's rock sound. I saw this one for $4.00 and didn't hesitate to buy it.

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