Friday, November 10, 2006

Nuggets Is A Seductive Mistress

Another trip to Boston, another stop at Nuggets for some record shopping. Rob and I headed down for the Celtics season opener against the New Orleans Hornets on November 1st. We started the day off right with some NBA2K7 on the Xbox 360, and then we stopped at Chicago Dogs for lunch...that place has the best veggie dogs.

I had told myself that I wasn't going to go crazy and spend a lot of money at Nuggets this time. I was going to check to see if they had the import Black Sabbath record with the shiny, foil-like cover, and that would probably be it. Well, once I started flipping through all the records, I kept finding things that I couldn't pass up. Before I knew it, I was holding $50.00 worth of vinyl.
  • Black Sabbath - Rock Heavies : This was the one that I almost picked up the last time I was in the store, but ended up putting it back. I was crossing my fingers that it would still be there this time around, and I was lucky enough to find it was still here. This is an odd collection of Sabbath songs, coming only from the last two Ozzy-era Sabbath records. German import.
  • Black Sabbath - Death Riders : This is a live bootleg from the Heaven and Hell tour. The sound is great, and I thought that it would be a fun addition to the growing Sabbath collection.
  • Black Sabbath - Techinal Ecstasy : The main reason why I bought this record was for the ultra-cool record label. Sweet looking U.F.O. artwork from this UK pressing.
  • The Doors - Morrison Hotel : I had never heard this particular record before, but I have been loving The Doors, so I figured that I couldn't loose. It was only 6.99, and the record cover and vinyl was dead mint. I can't express how pissed I was that in the process of removing the price tag, the album cover received a small surface tear. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.
  • Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers : Another record that I had never heard before, but figured I couldn't loose since it had a $2.99 price tag. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this record. Classic Purple line up.

After record shopping, Rob and I found some parking and set off to kill some time before the Celtics game. We had a great time walking around Quincy Market and saw the Comedy Connection where he would be doing a show the following week. We got to the Garden for the game and got in line early to get the Red Auerbach commemorative pin. Before the game, there was a special remembrance ceremony with Paul Pierce dedicating the season to the legendary Celtic leader. Game time and the Celtics were disappointing, and ended up dropping the game to the Hornets. All in all, it was still a fun day out in Boston.

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