Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Have Heart From Ebay

Two more Have Heart 7 inches for the collection. The demo on yellow is limited to 125 and What Counts on white only had 225 pressed. What more can I say about this band? In my list of favorite Boston Straight Edge bands, these guys would easily make the top 5. When I saw them at the End of Summer Jam in August, the singer, Pat Flynn was talking about being proud of his edge. I'm 36 years old and there is still something about straight edge pride that gets me excited.


xroldx said...

What can I say, prior to 'The Things We Carry' I thought Have Heart was a nice but somewhat mediocre band. We played with them on their first European tour and they didn't impress me like In My Eyes, Hands Tied, Floorpunch and Betrayed did.
I certainly had to change my perspective once I heard the full length though maybe the best edge record of this year.

Anonymous said...

"maybe the best edge record of this year."

I agree, when i take a minute and look back at everything thats been released this year "the things we carry" will probably be the best and there were some really good releases this year, especially this summer.