Saturday, November 04, 2006

Close To Complete

A while back, someone on the B9 messageboard was desperate for cash, and was selling stuff from his record collection. When I saw The Difference Between by In My Eyes on red, I immediately emailed him with an offer. I was extremely grateful that he took me up on it. This was the last rare In My Eyes that I needed. It is limited to 104 pressed, and the only time that I had seen it on eBay, I was outbid. I had originally thought that this completed my collection of In My Eyes records, but I am missing both of the LP's on black vinyl, so I guess you can't really call it complete.


xroldx said...

by far one of the best records ever, great artwork, awesome music and lyrics

though the demo was the best thing In My Eyes ever released

XGetBrokenX said...

This is a great album. i really like nothing to hide as well. although i've never heard the demo, i should check it out.

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