Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Wish You Were Here

Champion were amazing. They were my favorite straight edge band from the past few years...possibly my favorite band since In My Eyes broke up. Something about them was special to me. In a way they kind of got me hooked on collecting vinyl. I remember seeing Champion in Worcester for their East Coast tour when Promises Kept was released on vinyl. I bought the record at the show...blue vinyl with hand stamped labels. It had been a long time since I had bought vinyl at a show, and the feeling of getting that record was that I had something special...a piece of hardcore history. Soon after that show, Bridge Nine sent out the pre-orders and my Champion collection had begun.
Champion had their last show on May 27th, 2006. As much as I wished that I could be there, flying out to Seattle for it was not going to happen. For the show they had 400 copies of Promises Kept pressed on yellow vinyl. Thankfully, Bridge Nine held a few copies of the record and put them up for sale the week after the show. I ordered a copy for myself and one for Rob. Because of the flurry of activity that the webstore experienced as people rushed to get their order in, I got an error when I tried to check out. I tried to submit the order again and it said it was a duplicate order. I got the confirmation email from B9 so I thought that everything was okay, but as the days passed I got more nervous that my order didn't go through. I sent the mailorder guys an email, and sure enough, they hadn't received my order. A huge thanks to Matt and Jena at Bridge Nine for finding the last couple of copies and getting the order filled.
Alone in a crowd, but we're still standing strong
With X'd up fists and sing alongs
Times like these are what we live for
These days are more than we'd ever hoped for
We're still here, and we'll never forget the words we fuckin' said
Time flies by, and the promises made will stay with us through our lives
We're not finished yet, that's right
They tried to break the best of us
But still our hearts are true to promises kept


rob calder said...

Great record and lasting memories around it. I'm glad it's mustard yellow, it reminds me that I wanted to pick up some hot dogs for dinner tonight.

XGetBrokenX said...

I will never forget Champion as long as i live. It's sad to see them go, but at the same time you know Betrayed is going to become full - time. speaking of that, i can't wait for the new betrayed record. And thanks for the comment on the song i wrote dude, it means alot to have that sort of feedback. I'm not in a band, it would be rad, i hope maybe one day.