Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Okay, we are going to break a few rules with this post. This post is about an old record that I have in the collection, and this blog is supposed to be strictly about new additions to my collection. However, seeing that today is 6/6/06, I'm feeling compelled to do a Slayer entry, and break a few rules. I was also going to include the new single that Slayer released today for Cult, but for some reason I can't seem to upload anymore images, so fuck it.

Here we have the very first Slayer album that I bought, Hell Awaits. I remember buying this off of Jason Violette in High School. He had a few albums that he no longer wanted, if I remember correctly he didn't want to own it because of the satanic imagery. He was looking to unload this Slayer album, Impaler 'Rise of the Mutants', and I think Pile Driver 'Metal Inquisition'. I had never listened to these bands before, but I was starting to get interested in Speed Metal so I took the chance...plus I think he sold them to me for a few bucks a piece. I got home and Paul and I put on Hell Awaits. We get through the creepy intro to the song Hell Awaits and then the song kicks into high gear. Wow...that is the fastest shit we have ever heard. We can't help but laugh at how ridiculous it sounds. We finish off the album, joking about how over the top it is, and I head out to take care of my paper route. While I'm delivering newspapers, I can't get the song 'Kill Again' out of my head. So incredibly fast, yet the melody on that chorus was so catchy it was going over and over in my head. I get back to the house and have to listen to it again and again, falling in love with the speed and aggression (not to mention the shock value of the lyrics and satanic imagery). This is the turning point of having Metallica and Slayer take over as my favorite bands, pushing aside Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

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spliffrd said...

I bought this record when it first came out never having heard it or of the band because it looked so cool. I was into hair metal and really technical guitar playing at the time and when I put it on and heard the wild 1000 notes a second solos on this record and the speed of the music, I just didn't get it and hated it so much I literally opened the window (I lived on the 5th floor of an apartment building) and threw it out like a frisbee. lol. Since I happen to like Slayer now, it's a funny memory.