Wednesday, June 14, 2006

First Step, Second Press

Here we have the second pressing of The First Step on blue/black swirl vinyl, limited to 215. The color mix on this record looks exactly like the Go It Alone/Blue Monday split 7 inch that Rivalry Records put out. One of the best record labels around right now.

The picture below is from the First Step set in Providence when they played at the Insted reunion show. Yeah, that's me on top of the crowd. Paul and I drove down to see the show at the Living Room. The club had moved and we had some problems trying to find it...turned out it was just down the street from their old location. The two of us used to always drive to the Living Room when they were in the old building. One of my first punk/hardcore shows was at the Living Room to see DRI. We saw a lot of great hardcore and metal bands there. I remember driving down to see Overkill, and rains had flooded the club so the show was cancelled, but Bobby "Blitz" was hanging out in the parking lot and we got his autograph. That was a big deal at the time! Great memories from seeing Murphy's Law play there with Low Meato, and catching the Circle Jerks "final" tour, getting thrown out for stage diving during Gang Green...damn, those were fun times...three hour drives home popping No-Doz and drinking Jolt Cola to stay awake. Anyway, Paul and I found the new location and hung out for a while in the parking lot. Sweet Pete showed up and we hung out for a while talking to him and Karl from Earth Crisis. Good time just chillin'. The show was amazing, seeing Mental, Desperate Measures, The First Step, and finally Insted. Great time.

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