Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Fear Of A White Planet

When Planet Mental was released back in 2005, I had just started to get into record collecting. I remember being pretty stoked to get an "Earth Sucks" record release pressing at their show, but being new to the game, I hadn't really gotten hooked on the concept of collecting multiple pressings...so the one copy was all I needed. As the years went by, I'd entertain the idea of going back to pick up some other copies of the Mental LP, but it just never happened.

It had been a long time since I'd spent any time with those mid-00's Hardcore records, but when I recently started dusting off some of those old records, I was hooked pretty quick, and that shit was getting multiple spins. It was exciting to go back and revisit that era that I'd been neglecting for the last few years...and soon I was checking Discogs to see if there was any vinyl that was available for a quick and easy purchase.

Since I already owned an original US pressing with the blue cover for Planet Mental, I was itching to pick up the red cover that was pressed for the Mental's Euro tour. I found a white vinyl pressing available, and I was good to go!


mcs said...

I loved this album when it came out. Thought it was a big step up from their 7"s. Ended up with 4 copies of the LP, but really hated the fact that the red cover versions were pressed at a different plant and on shitty euro vinyl. WHY?

nico said...

All these Planet Mental where pressed by Complete Control records (with some help of Reflections Records) in time for the second Mental tour. Hence why it was pressed in Europe.

I remember ending up in the Complete Control HQ once, a year or two later and on the shelves, there was like 4 feet of Planet Mental LP's.

Mike said...

Good info. Thanks Nico!