Saturday, February 24, 2018

Can We Survive The Bliztkrieg?

As I was obsessing over the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, I got the idea into my head to buy some early singles that were on the Neat label. I already had the first Raven 7 inch (NEAT06), and since NEAT01 and NEAT02 don't count for shit to metal collectors, I started thinking about grabbing the first Tygers Of Pan Tang (NEAT03), Fist (NEAT04), and White Spirit (NEAT05) records. These 7 inches don't go for insane prices, so it seemed like a great idea to chase them and knock 'em all off my list during this obsession...and then shit escalated.

For the hell of it, I started checking what Neat singles came out after those four, and was curious to see what it might look like to chase the first nine 7 inches...because you know, nine records make for a good photo on Instagram. If I thought that prices were manageable through the first Raven 7 inch, things quickly get out of control by the time you get to the first Venom single...and then prices take another big jump with the Blitzkrieg record.

Suddenly, I was scrapping my original plan completely, and going after a heavy hitter. Sometimes you just have to go big.

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