Monday, August 07, 2017

Stuck In The 90's: Part 5 - 1995 Buzzy Trip

One of the things that I love about 90's Hardcore/Punk was the variety of sounds. Bands were doing their own thing, and in the early part of the decade, it seemed like every band was pushing the boundaries of Punk and Hardcore, and creating new styles. These days, I don't know if I'd have the understanding and patience to hang with new bands that were that adventurous, but back in the 90's, that shit was king.

Bad Trip were one of those bands that were difficult to pin down when describing their sound. Sure there is a touch of Quicksand in there, but really, Bad Trip just seemed to do their own thing. While on the surface, it could be easy to think that they didn't really fit in anywhere, but still, it was the early to mid-90's, so maybe that means they fit in with everyone.

I've always preferred the first Bad Trip album, Fear And Loathing, over their second, Buzzy...and because of that, I've dragged my feet on picking it up. Not that Buzzy is bad, but it just doesn't have that immediate punch that the first album delivered. With the 90's obsession at full steam, it seems like the right time to finally cross this one off the list.

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mcs said...

Loved this one when it came out. Very Quicksand vibe going on. Probably at the time every band was trying to sound like Quicksand. Anyway, I think I agree with you and I like the first LP better, but this is definitely good in a different way.