Thursday, January 13, 2011

Xmas Haul Part 2: Back On Black

Part two of my Christmas vinyl haul. This post is dedicated to all the stuff from Back On Black Records that I got.

Earlier this year, I picked up the used CD of Mercyful Fate's 9 album. Really though, the amazing cover art for this album belongs on the larger LP format. Classic band...even their later day stuff is a fun listen. 9, released in 1999, was Mercyful Fate's last studio album that the band released...even though they never officially "broke up".

Nice looking red vinyl, with the standard gatefold sleeve. I love that Back On Black has taken to incorporating the album cover into the labels.

King Diamond: Satanist and cat person.

When I first started getting interested in Back On Black pressings, around 2008, they had recently released a few Exodus albums. I picked up Shovel Headed Kill Machine, and loved what the label was doing. Two and a half years later, and Tempo Of The Damned finds it's way into my local record store and onto my Christmas list.

Tempo Of The Damned marked the return of Exodus singer Zetro. No holding back on this album. I could not get over how fast and heavy this was when I first heard it. Unfortunately, good things never last, and Zetro was replaced by Rob Dukes the following year. I think that all the early Back On Black releases were pressed on splatter colored vinyl.

The first and the best...Bonded By Blood! An absolute classic, and the only one that the band recorded with legendary frontman Paul Baloff.

Funny enough, while I own two different pressings of this album, I don't own an original on Combat/Torrid. I've got this pressing on blue vinyl, and the 2007 pressing from Monumentum Records (which was an offshoot of Reflections Records).

Another first, and another classic...Megadeth's Killing Is My Business. This album, plus Peace Sells, are the pinnacle of the Megadeth catalog. Nothing else even comes close. It sucks that the band was not able to re-release this album with their cover of These Boots. I feel like I need to track down an original pressing to have the complete record.

Another early Back On Black release on splatter colored vinyl.


Mark-Sandwell said...

That megadeth LP looks nice.

mcs said...

Is it just me, or does anyone else see the irony of the name 'back on BLACK' when all of the records are pressed on colour?

Mike said...

I've seen a few places list that the first 1,000 pressed are on color...but I know what you mean Marcus. :)