Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Putting Me Six Feet Under

A while back, I got an email from Six Feet Under Records, saying that they only had a few copies left of the tri-color vinyl for the True Colors album. Afraid that I was going to miss the opportunity to buy this pressing, without having to search and bid through eBay, I immediately placed an order. Limited to 158 pressed for this color.
Six Feet Under also had the Perspective 7 inch from True Colors in stock as well. Since this was released through Powered Records, I was excited that I was able to pick it up through a US distributor. This is going to be another one fighting for the top spot on my best of 2008 list. What a great band...I really regret not seeing them on their US tour a couple months ago. 425 pressed on red and white wax.

I have fallen in love with this record label recently. I had never really heard of them before, until I placed my first order with them a few months ago for the retarded Down To Nothing 7 inch. I started to check out the label a bit more closely after that order and found a bunch of great records that they have released. To start things off, I ordered and introduced myself to the Loud and Clear album. I ordered the gold and silver pressing with the silk screened cover...mine was numbered 117 of 160. Holy shit, this album is awesome. Straight ahead, rippin' hardcore with the singer of Justice...and not even coming close to that weak-ass Supertouch sound. Right on.

Finally, I also grabbed the Mental demo 7 inch...limited to 350 on red and blue vinyl. I'm not sure why I sat on this record for so long and didn't pick it up. Now I wish that I had bought one of the fucked up pressings that Six Feet Under were selling a while back. This record has Growing Pains, which is one of my all time favorite Mental songs...no one took this shit for real, you fuckin' pussies changed. Ha! Awesome.


mcs said...

That Loud & Clear LP is great. I bought it a few months back but only just got around to listening to it recently. I've been mainly listening to it in the gym. I love it. Although, that said, I also love the later Justice stuff, so I clearly have no taste. Never heard True Colours to be honest. No, scratch that. I saw them live a couple of years ago & thought they were rubbish. Although all of a sudden they seem to be getting pretty big. So maybe I need to give them another chance...

xroldx said...

Great to see Mike that you're digging European hardcore once again.

True Colors has become a great band over the years. 'Focus On The Light' is an amazing record.

Loud and Clear is pretty awesome as well, to bad they don't play very much.

Lins87 said...

I have to admit that I thought True Colors sucked aswell, but that was a while back and they seem to have a huge buzz about them now so maybe I'll recheck them. Their vinyl looks amazing tho.

mindset said...

yes mike true colors is a great band i see them 3 times in paris they are similar to youth of today in 2005 i see insted in belgium best show of my life with gorilla in 2007 and the must youth of today in 89 in paris another good seven weapon x with nate of ensign who is singing great straight edge