Sunday, September 21, 2008

Never Hold Back

Here I am again, making a post for another record that I got some time ago, but held off on posting it because I was hoping to add more of their records to my collection. Rancor were a band from the late 90's Youth Crew revival. I've never really considered them a very well known band from that era, but their vinyl is hard to come across on eBay. I saw them one time. They played a show in Boston with Floorpunch, Fastbreak, and Ten Yard Fight. It was just as all those bands were starting to take off...I think that I had picked up the Floorpunch demo just weeks before the show. Man, everything was so exciting at that time.
This is Rancor's second 7 inch, Never Hold Back, released on Youngblood Records back in 1998. I loved the band's first record, but it was years after their second 7 inch released that I even found out that this record existed. Thank you Internet. Anyway, this one was pressed on black vinyl, and is limited to 580 pressed.


xroldx said...

Haha Rancor records hard to find, not in the Netherlands at the time. I think Johan Reflections Records must had a whole stack cause all the Dutch edge kids had one.

That first record 'the flip the switch ep' is so awesome. I think I'm going to suggest my band to do a cover of it one of these days.

'These X's on my hand mean I won't take part, these x's on my hand will stay inside my heart!'


Lins87 said...

I agree about Rancor being a kick ass band. Most definately underated and under appreciated. Infact when I get home I'm gonna give this a spin.

mindset said...

hi mike rancor was a great band i have the 2 seven for me it s 1 of the best band on youngblood with knockdown