Saturday, April 14, 2018

Green Times At The Jersey Shore

Lately, I've been in a hardcore headspace, and my record buying habits reflect that. I've been getting a charge out of revisiting that classic shit from the 90's and 00's, and I've fallen into the bad habit of saying "I'll buy just one more record, and then focus saving some money.", and then I turn around and do the same damn thing a couple of days later.

Sometimes, I find it fun to go through "anniversary playlists". You know, revisiting stuff that was released 10, 20, 30 years ago. Well, since it is 2018, I was time travelling back 20 years to 1998, and spinning a bunch of albums from that time. 20 fucking years. How is that possible? Doesn't seem that long ago that I was travelling down to Boston a couple times a month to see bands like Ten Yard Fight, In My Eyes and Fastbreak play shows. Christ, I'm old.

My Floorpunch collection is pathetic. Because I was stuck in a mindset of preferring CDs to records at the time, my Floorpunch record collection consisted of only the Division One Champs 7 inch...on black a few copies of that New Jersey discography that Six Feet Under did years ago. The thought of trying to build a collection for this band was overwhelming, so I've just avoided it.

Listening to the Fast Times At The Jersey Shore album recently, kind of reignited just how much I love this record. I was playing it repeatedly, along with with other hardcore classics from 1998, and I figured that I'd just take a look at Discogs to see what going rates were for the vinyl. There weren't any sellers with the white vinyl available, but there was a green vinyl pressing available at a very reasonable price. I didn't want to leave it, and then pay more for a different copy later, so I said "One more record, and then I'll focus on saving some money", and I hit the button to add it to my cart.

300 pressed on green vinyl, and I couldn't be more happier to have this in the collection.

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mcs said...

It's funny the stuff you remember. I distinctly recall getting this in the mail from EVR when it came out and being super stoked. And then, a few days later I learned that there was a more limited white version, and I was super pissed.