Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dedication Is What You Lack

I received a big box of records from Six Feet Under a couple of weeks ago. It is too overwhelming to post them all at once, so I'll break it out into two separate posts.

Floorpunch. I can not express how important this band was, and how much hardcore needed them at that time. The early to mid-90's sucked for hardcore. Sure I bought into the whole ultra-PC scene, and I spent more money on bad screamo style records than I care to think about. When bands like Ten Yard Fight and Fastbreak came around, it was like a second awakening of what I really liked about hardcore. When I first heard the Floorpunch demo, it was like a reincarnation of the first Judge 7 inch...holy shit, the bar could not be set higher, and I played it for anyone that would listen. When I first saw them live in Boston I was still in a transition...I saw Floorpunch play with Rancor, Fastbreak and Ten Yard Fight, and then a few weeks later I was flying out to California for the Ebullition fest where bands played on the floor, no one moshed or did stagedives, and between bands people would get on stage and talk about their experience with sexual violence. It was cool for what it was, I guess, but in the end, it was really time for me to get out of that scene. I must have stood out like a sore thumb with my brand new Ten Yard Fight and Floorpunch shirts. 15 years later, I haven't given up on this style of hardcore.

Six Feet Under have done a great job on the Floorpunch double LP discography. Slick looking gatefold sleeve with a tri-fold insert. My favorite piece of vinyl from this pressing is the clear vinyl. 1,009 pressed.

Splatter vinyl never looks good, and although this one doesn't look as bad as the Judge discography, it still doesn't do much for me. My copy has all kinds of vinyl dust and grit on it. When I pull it out of the sleeve, it feels like the vinyl is rubbing against sand paper. I'm going to have to get new dust covers and wash the vinyl for this one. 303 on tiger stripe/orange and black splatter vinyl.

I believe they are calling this one gold vinyl. I wish that it was clear gold like the 7 inch. 599 pressed.



marcus said...

I got the tiger stripe and gold ones. I hate them. The vinyl looks horrible. I wish SFU would get their records pressed in the States.

The clear vinyl one looks nice though. I might just ditch my disgusting copies and pick up ones of those instead.

Anonymous said...

I got the tiger stripe as well, and agree that it looks terrible. I also have the same problem with dust, and will need to clean the records somehow.