Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Stuck In The 90's: Part 6 - 1996 AP Is For Action Patrol

Back in 1995, I traveled to Boston to see Avail play at The Middle East. Avail were notorious for their fun live shows at the time, but when I think back to that show, the only thing that I remember about it was Action Patrol opening for them. I'd never heard of them, and when they took the stage with their orange jumpsuits, thick black rimmed glasses, hilarious between song banter, and their brand of spastic punk rock, I was immediately sold on them.

I bought their first 7 inch at the show that night, and then shortly after that they released their full length album, The Weak Force. By the time the final 7 inch, B Is for Bombard, was released in 1996, I was an idiot and had pretty much stopped buying vinyl, so these songs went unheard until they released their discography CD the following year.

I love everything that Action Patrol released. When bands were getting way too serious and screamo, Action Patrol were like, "Fuck that, lets have fun". A truly unique band.

I've been on the hunt for the B Is For Bombard record for a while. It isn't rare or expensive, but it just seemed like the only sellers that had it available were from overseas, and I wasn't interested in high shipping rates for a $4.00 record. When I noticed that one was available from a US seller, I jumped on it. Very happy to finally have this record in the collection.

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chris said...

One of my favorite RVA bands from that time period. Saw them a bunch of times with Sleepy Time Trio and the (young) Pioneers. You should also check out the band that came after called The Episode.