Thursday, August 03, 2017

Stuck In The 90's: Part 3 - 1991 Fletch Of Reality

The Discogs wantlist feature is a fucking curse. Each day it provides me with an email reminder of all the records that I want, and how many are available for the taking with just a click of a button. She is a dirty hustler, calling to me from some darkened back alley, tempting me with the promise of a ménage à trois involving records and my paypal account. I mean, I'm only human. How much temptation can I be expected to resist?

At some point I added the Fletch 7 inch from Slap Of Reality to my wantlist. I can't remember the exact reason, but it most likely went something like this, "Hey, I own the first two Slap Of Reality 7 inches, so if I can pick up Fletch on green vinyl for cheap, I might as well go for it". And like that, it was on the list, and I was getting occasional reminders that sellers had it available...the problem was that everyone on Discogs selling it was from overseas. The price was right, but I wasn't too excited about the prospect of paying more for shipping than the cost of the I decided to wait it out, when the time was right, I'd grab it.

Well, when I was picking up the Hunger Farm album from an overseas seller, I noticed that they had the Fletch 7 inch available as well. Bonus!

As for the songs on this record, it really isn't anything "new", as both Radiate and Where's It Going ended being recorded for the Three Lefts Make A Right album...but here, on this 7 inch, the songs sound more raw, with more of a Hardcore edge. I'm sure that most people don't care about Slap Of Reality records in 2017, so why am I so excited to finally own this 25 years after it's release?

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