Sunday, July 30, 2017

Insist On Orange

There was a time when I was buying multiple copies of every new record. The strain of trying to keep up with that race became overwhelming, and I jumped ship...choosing to only keep playing that game with my most favorite of record labels. These days, I struggle to even keep up the fight on that front as well.

I'll admit it, over the past couple of years, I've struggled to stay excited over new Hardcore bands. Sure there have been some great records, but my fire was starting to fade when it came to checking out every new band. With some recent releases from Triple B, my interest came back pretty hard, and suddenly, I was chasing all kinds of newer bands.

I'd initially ignored the preorders for the latest REACT! release, but since I was chasing all kinds of new bands, the Insist record was put on that list. After a quick Bandcamp preview of what was being offered here, I knew it was another record that I had to pick up. Sounding like a cross between The First Step and Mindset, I was kicking myself for not jumping on this sooner.

Because I had my head up my ass, I missed the more limited clear vinyl pressing. Since that one was sold out, and I couldn't order the entire first pressing, I decided to go simple and just grab the orange vinyl, which was limited to 300.

Solid record!

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