Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Familiar, Not Forgotten

I've been entertaining the thought of picking up the Walleye LP for years. It has been a cycle of getting stuck in some mid-90's nostalgia, and listening to that stuff on an endless loop for weeks, with my thoughts inevitably turning to Walleye.

Adding the Walleye album to the collection is no major feat...and you can pick it up for super cheap whenever you want. Because of this fact, there has never been any great pressure to buy it. It makes it too easy to procrastinate, and I kept pushing it out, saying that I'd get it next month...and then months turned to years.

Last month, I found myself in that familiar place of 90's obsession, and when Walleye popped up on my iPod playlist, I figured that it was finally time to get the job done. I hit up discogs, and five dollars later, I was finally crossing this off my Want List.


mcs said...

Never heard this, which is surprising seeing as I bought pretty much everything that came out in the 90s.

Mike said...

Whoa. That just blew my mind. How have you never heard this? I have a feeling that you would really dig this album.

mcs said...

I think I never heard it because there's no color vinyl. So it was never an urgent purchase. But also I have the Damnation AD / Walleye split 7", and I have this memory of not liking the Walleye side. So there seemed no reason to pick up the album.

That said, I've just been listening to it via the magic of the internet, and yes, it's good stuff. I may have to follow the link in your post to a cheap copy of my own.