Monday, February 01, 2016

I Walk Alone

Opinions seem to be split on the new No Tolerance album. You either fall into the camp that thinks it was the best album of 2015, or you were pretty underwhelmed by the whole affair, and you keep telling yourself that maybe you just need to listen to it more. Having only listened to it three times since downloading it back at the beginning of December, it is obvious which side of the fence I sit on.

Since the vinyl from Painkiller wasn't going to arrive by the year end, I quickly downloaded a copy to check it know, I had to check to see if it was going to my my Best Of 2015 list. I gave it a couple of quick spins, and then moved on. didn't really grab me, but sometimes I need to have the the vinyl in my hands to really pay attention...and that seems to be the issue with You Walk Alone. Dropping the needle on this record today, and following the songs on the lyric sheet, made me see this album in a new light. This record rages, and a big part of that are those uncompromising lyrics. Straight fucking edge.

My favorite part of this album though are the lyric credits on Watch You Break to Bob Daisley that were lifted from Rock 'N' Roll Rebel off of Ozzy's Bark At The Moon album. I love the nod of respect to DFJ's Metal roots!

325 pressed on red vinyl.

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