Thursday, September 15, 2011

Here's Your Warning

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you know that I tend to be about 10 years behind the times when it comes to collecting Hardcore vinyl from the early 2000's. When Doug recently posted about the first No Warning 7 inch, I realized that I had another hole to fill in my collection. Not only had I failed to pick up the No Warning 7 inch when it was originally released, but I also somehow missed the boat on grabbing the CD when it was released by Bridge Nine...therefore, 10 years after it's release, I still had never heard this record. Sure I had the Ill Blood LP, but never hearing that 7 inch is an embarrassment that I needed to remedy as soon as possible. I began my ebay search, and bids were placed with my sights set on winning a copy of this record.

When all was said and done, I walked away with the 2001 Summer Tour pressing of this record. Like all good tour pressings, this one comes with a special, limited cover.

Man, this is the real deal. Hardcore. Sometimes I forget how great this time was in Hardcore's history. In 2001, Bridge Nine was on fire with bands like American Nightmare, Carry On, and Bane and Reach the Sky were huge. Listening to this No Warning record reminds me of all the good music that was around at this time, and it inspired me to revisit it through a 2001 playlist in my ipod.

Number 127 out of 400 pressed.

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matt said...

I've been on an eary 2000's kick myself.