Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Black Keys To My Escape

Sometimes I need to get away, and music is my gateway to escape. I don't want anyone around. I just want to be alone with my music collection. I can be a loner in that way. Sure I love it when the kids pop into my Music Room every once in a while and share the moment with me, but there are times when I just want to be alone. Tonight's date night was me and The Black Keys. I can't express how much this band means to me. Some of their songs just grab a hold of me...they work their way into my soul (whatever that may be). A couple of weeks ago I picked up the band's Chulahoma album while I was killing time in Portland, and tonight I took it for a spin. Locked myself in the Music Room, turned out the lights and dropped the needle into the grooves and let the songs wash over me, letting my mind wander, remembering good times and thinking of plans for the future...just trying to clear my mind of a hectic day.
The album itself doesn't match up to the greatness of Rubber Factory or Magic Potion, but it was recorded in 2005, so the band still has that great, dirty blues guitar sound. The thing is, The Black Keys didn't write this album. A man named Junior Kimbrough was such an influence on guitarist and vocalist, Dan Auerbach, that he dropped out of college to spend more time playing guitar. The Black Keys recorded 6 of his songs for this album. Good enough, but again it doesn't match the power of Midnight, Your Touch, or The Flame...but then again, maybe I just have more wrapped up in those songs.

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