Thursday, March 23, 2006

Count Champion's Numbers

Counting my Champion numbers, I am up to 28. Here we have Champion 'Count Our Numbers' on white vinyl. Limited to 384 pressed. Picked it up on eBay for $20. I still have yet to get my hands on the record release pressing of this record. Every time I see it on eBay I get outbid.

I saw Champion in Bucksport, Maine with Rob and Paul. It was a long drive, but the three of us always have a good time on road trips. Since it was such a long drive we left right after Champion and missed Agnostic Front. During the show, the guitarist, Chris, noticed my Undertow t-shirt and came over to me while they were setting up. Talked about how he liked the shirt and has one like it at home. He mentioned that he was thinking about making a Champion shirt that ripped off the design. Since they are breaking up, I doubt that will happen. I wore that same shirt to the Posi-Numbers festival and bumped into Chris again. We talked for a little bit, and he seemed like a really genuine dude. I ended up trading that shirt after the Betrayed set to some guy for three new t-shirts (Have Heart, Triple Threat, and Gorilla Biscuits). I was reluctant to get rid of it since I had traded some Sandman comics to a guy in Undertow for the shirt long after they had broken up, but I figured that $30 in new t-shirts was a decent enough deal.

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