Friday, March 03, 2006

8 Down, One To Go

Let me start by saying that I LOVE this album. I bought Champion's first record when it came out and I wasn't too impressed. I wasn't collecting records at the time, so I bought the CD version. Their second 7" came out on Bridge Nine, and while I thought it was better, it still didn't do much for me. Champion played a show in Portland, and I skipped the show. Sometime after that I picked up Promises Kept, and was completely blown away from the first song to the last. Every time I listened to it, I liked it more and more. Promises Kept is just a perfect album. This copy is the grey pressing on Dead & Gone records, making that 8 copies of this record that I have in my collection. There were 300 pressed on grey vinyl, with 100 of them getting blank labels for their European tour. The Euro tour press is the only one I am missing. I won this copy through eBay for $14.68.

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R2K said...

I just sold all my records. Got crap for them. Some cool stuff, like 80 bucks total.