Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I Rise

This has been the most anticipated record of 2007 for me so far. I loved the I Rise songs on the split 7 inch with Soul Control, and was really looking forward hearing more from this band. This 7 inch does not disappoint. Full of intense and driving hardcore, comparisons have been made to Burn, but I am really hearing an influence of Strife on some of these songs, especially Rebellion. I'm pretty sure that I ordered this record as soon as the pre-order info was posted on 1917 Records website, but somehow I didn't end up with the more limited pressing. Strange because I saw kids posting pictures of this record months ago on the Bridge Nine messageboard, and yet I just got mine. Either the people that do the 1917 mailorder are complete fuck-ups, or maybe they really did sell out of the burgundy (limited to 100) vinyl before I placed my order. I'll never know. The yellow vinyl was limited to 200, and the red/grey vinyl is limited to 715. I also ordered the Snake Eyes demo CD and the first Guns Up! CD as well. Both of them are really good.


Tyler said...

I like this stuff a lot too. I have't listened to it much as i should have though.

I think i got the burgandy pressing, i ordered the minute i found out about it though.... who knows, i haven't had any problems with 1917 to date.

Mike said...

damn you and your burgandy pressing!