Sunday, April 29, 2018

Your Kid's An Asshole

Back in 2014, Iron Reagan released a new EP that was only available on a 7 inch flexi that was included with Decibel magazine. I'm not necessarily interested in Decibel or flexi releases, but I was a big fan of Iron Reagan, so I bought one.

It took until the following year for the Spoiled Identity EP to get a proper vinyl release.

I remember being excited when A389 Recordings announced preorders for the EP, but I'm not sure why I didn't order one. I want to say that the shipping was ridiculously high, so I passed on it at the time. Either way, it has eluded me until I was shopping in Boston last month, and I spotted a copy in the record bins. Instant buy.

Thirteen songs in 5 minutes, this thing rips through songs like an early D.R.I. record.

Metallic gold is the shittiest looking colored vinyl, but that's the one that I ended up with...silkscreened design on the b-side.

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