Tuesday, September 10, 2013

REACT! Week - Part Two - WarXgames

No more games, time to keep rolling with REACT! week! This time around we have the new 7 inch from WarXgames.

I'd never heard of this band prior to REACT! putting up the preorders for the 7 inch. It was on REACT! and it had Ev from Mindset in the band so I was sold from the start.

150 on white vinyl. I don't know why, but I love it when I discover one of these "thumb prints" on my colored vinyl. I'm not sure if they are intentional, but get a kick out of that little off color smudge on my otherwise pristine white vinyl.

When you see the photos of the band members you know right away that this isn't going to sound like your average Straight Edge record. I mean, come on, the dude is wearing a Darkthrone backpatch on his jacket, so you know that this record is going to hit just a little harder. REACT! cites influences from Infest and Void, and I would say that is a fair comparison.

350 on black vinyl.

Preorders went up at the first of May, and then something caught my eye on Facebook one night towards the end of July. I had spent a late night out for work, with some clients over dinner. With these things, I can count on two things...one, I'll inevitably have to talk about being vegetarian, and two, someone will no doubt make a joke about me not drinking. This particular night wasn't as painful as you might think, and I left dinner around 9:30 feeling pretty good about how things had gone. I get to my car and pull out my phone, check my messages and hit up Facebook to see what's gone down. There I see a notice from REACT! that they have put up a couple of test pressings in their webstore. First come first serve. Fuck, I hate navigating the internet on my phone, but I don't want to miss out on this, so I quickly hit the REACT! store. I'm surprised that the tests haven't sold out, and I quickly secure a copy of the WarXgames record.

The packaging is rather plain, with just a sticker on the front cover, and a REACT! stamp on the back. Oh well, not every test can be as epic as the Fire & Ice one. I'll still take it.

Handnumbered out of 24

With the regular pressings and a test, I was feeling pretty good about my WarXgames collection. Then Chris over at Unwavering Spirit comes along and tells me whats up. I obviously need the special record release cover as well.

I fire off an email to Ev over at REACT!, and we quickly come to an agreed upon price. Deal's done...collection complete.


chris said...

Thanks for the shout out!!! This record is awesome. I can't believe how many people are still sleeping on this.

Across Your Face said...

You get all the cool stuff!

xtinox said...

yeah man, telling people why i don't eat meat and why i don't even drink a glass of champagne at events, are stories i can tell in sleep by now :-)