Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Fire, More Ice

I'm beginning to feel like Marcus, who's blog posts seem to split between either Integrity or Rot In Hell. The man is focused. I'll give him that. I seem to have taken a page from his book, and have had my sights locked in on adding to my Fire & Ice collection.

My latest FNI additions were won on ebay at the end of May. Thinking of it now, I haven't been back to ebay since winning these records.

Other than the 2X7 inch package, this is my first colored vinyl for Grim. The pressing info lists this color as teal "Maui Wowee", and is limited to 100.

This is my seventh copy of Gods & Devils. Still, I've got 3 more copies to go to finish this collection.

First press on clear with red and silver splatter. Limited to 200.


mcs said...

Thanks for the mention. haha! The comment made me laugh. I have noticed that I only seem to post about those bands lately, but that's because they are two of only three bands that I am obsessive about (no doubt you can guess the third). But also it seems easier than trying to follow all of these new sxe bands that you tap into. Trying to keep up with anything remotely new seems almost pointless to me these days. I'm actively trying to avoid listening to Fire & Ice because most likely I will like them & then have to chase down all 800 of their 7" variations that seem to be out there...

Mike said...

The good thing about Fire & Ice is that you can pick up most of their stuff for under $15. :)